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Our Services

We offer the following services:

♦ Piano tuning

♦ Repairing and overall renovating which includes : internal 
and external renovation and refinishing pianos

♦ Consulting with the purchase of and examining the piano
before the purchase anywhere in Israel (in private homes as well as piano stores)

♦ Value assessment before purchasing / selling

♦ Short and long-term piano rental - per customer´s needs

♦ Installing and replacing the pianos wheels

♦ Advice on the topic of moving pianos 

With approximately 60 years of experience and as 2nd generation, we are dealing with tuning, repairing and renovating (internal and external) standard pianos as well as grand pianos.Our services include as well piano rental, value assessment for various purposes such as for example damage caused by fire, dampness, cause of nature (force majeure) and / or assessment for insurance purpose, selling the piano and more.In addition to all these services , we have set our goal to guide customers , with the purchase of a piano as through the years we have learned that this is complicated.Choosing the right piano is usually done once in a lifetime and it appears that most people lack the required knowledge in this field and therefore are in need of assistance.We put emphasis on this and escort the customer, to begin with consultation by phone, to be followed by examining the piano before the purchase wherever the location is, in the private sector as well as in piano stores.We are approached as well from the other end by families where the piano isn´t played any more and where we liaise between seller and buyer  WITHOUT ARBITRATION
but against examination fee only.It is important to mention that WE DO NOT DEAL WITH TRADING AT AL and we do not possess pianos for sale.It is our belief that we provide the knowledge and necessary tools to the customer in order to enable him / her to purchase the most suitable piano , taking into consideration the customers budget as well.In the website you will a bulletin board with advertisements of pianos which are for sale belonging to private people and we carry no connection and responsibility for the quality of these pianos apart from the fact that we allow the public and our customers to display their pianos for sale as service only.In the market there are various and different types of pianos, some of them with well known brand names but this doesn´t prove to be an indication about their standard nor quality
.Pianos derive from workshops all over the world and sometimes a piano can be found in a location with a certain name and in another one with a different name while we refer to the same piano with identical mechanism from the same workshop.Only a piano tuner is able to indicate the quality and age of the piano.




 Thank you for consultation, patience, and professionalism

dvid rash

Tel Aviv

 Your father helped my mother to buy the piano, and you helped me buying a piano. Highly recommend the services



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Examining pianos
Value assessment
Renovation and refinishing


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