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A new procedure set forth by the Department of Motor Vehicles deals with the removal of driving mechanisms
Reimbursement of expenses by the National Insurance Institute of Israel (Bituah Leumi)
The driver's license, its appendage, and installations in new vehicles.
Prohibition on trimming of right foot accelerators when combined with a left foot pedal
Exclusive to "SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd.” - Front Wall Mounted Accelerator Guards: Additional models with Front Wall Mounted Accelerator Guards:
SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd
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SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. specializes in the production and assembly of basic driving mechanisms for disabled drivers: Full Hand Controls for drivers that are handicapped in both legs, left foot accelerators for drivers that are disabled in their right leg, and additional driving aids such as: various types of steering knob, electrical functions controls (turn signals, horn, windscreen wipers etc.) customized as per the specific disability of the driver, and personal customization of pedals and car seats.
SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. is the Israeli industry leader in its fields of operation.
Innovative design
Personal customer customization
Professionalism and experience
Service & Warranty
Uncompromising quality control
Personal attention
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