Laboratory Information System Project
Large-scale pharmaceutical project implementing LabWare.

Business Intelligence Project
A project for creating a BI environment to support Priority ERP

Intelligent Traffic Analysis
Creating an intelligent platform for analyzing traffic loads, combining five technologies

Software management Lifecycle Project
The project was led by Dr. Adi Perry in a large financial institution.

Project: Intelligent Transportation Analysis

The project for establishing an intelligent transportation analysis platform is composed of five technologies:

  • Big Data

  • Data Mining

  • Business Intelligence

  • Cloud Computing

  • Real Time

The project will be implemented by KDE Group in technological collaboration with a Chinese software company.

The scope of information and the broad geographic distribution across China will empose multi- functional innovation.

The development process will include:

  • Increasing the safety of transport based on existing data systems.

  • A tool for decision making and the ability to prioritizing the allocation of maintenance budgets for transportation systems in China.

  • Control and supervision of the various road traffic load in real-time.

  • Integration of the data that is currently located on various sources.

  • Facilitate the access to information for its users.

"Intelligent Transportation" system for BIG DATA analysis is based on Cloud Computing and comprises several technological layers: handling huge volumes of information (BIG DATA), Cloud Computing, data mining and Business Intelligence. The first customer of the system is Provincial Transportation Department in China.

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