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Repositioning of Turn Signal

The vehicle´s original turn signal lever is always located on the left side of the steering wheel. As a result, drivers who have limited control of their left hand and who require a right-side mounted steering knob are unable to operate the vehicle´s original turn signal lever.
A simple mechanism including a base that is mounted on the original turn signal lever and a thin aluminum rod that comes out of the base and extends across to the RHS above the dashboard enables such drivers to control the original lever using their right hand, without need of releasing grip of the wheel at any point.

In the event of a left hand disability, the Medical Institute for Road Safety permits an increasing number of drivers to install a "Steering Knob with Electronic Function Control”, and by doing so, enables them to easily control all needed functions (turn signals, horn, windscreen wipers and high/low beam switch) without need of releasing grip of the steering wheel at any point.


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