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Petah Tikva 49130
Mailing Address: PO Box 3890
Tel: 03-9242485, 03-9233072
Fax: 03-9215582
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Exclusive to "SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd.” - Front Wall Mounted Accelerator Guards:
As the 2011 Vehicle Model year begins, we have expanded the list of vehicles in with "Front Wall Mounted Guard" to include the following:
• Honda Civic
• Hyundai I - 20
• Hyundai IX - 35
• Kia Sportage 
• Kia Sorento
• Skoda Yeti
Additional model types are in process of examination. For full details and pictures on this topic, including a full list of all vehicles in which such guards may be installed, please read the following: Left Foot Accelerators with a Front Wall Mounted Guard.
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