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The driver´s license, its appendage, and installations in new vehicles
Because the driver´s license may now specify many restrictions which were not listed in the past - such as foldable accelerator guards and hand control mounted switches for the horn, turn signals and other functions - the driver´s actual license (the plastic card) is no longer large enough to accommodate the full list, or possibly, it may be that the Ministry of Transport prefers such restrictions do not appear on actual license. In this cases the Ministry of Transport enters an additional sentence stating "This license is accompanied by an appendage attached hereto” on the bottom right hand side of the license. Drivers must be aware that this appendage is an integral part their driving license and must be kept along with it at all times.
But back to the matter at hand: At present, and unlike in the past, in cases of handicapped drivers, the vehicle importer is responsible for verifying that all accessories specified within the buyers driver´s license, including those specified within the appendage if such an appendage exists, have to be installed in the vehicle. The problem arises when a handicapped person purchases a new vehicle but is not in possession of this appendage. The importer is then forced to hold on to the car and is not permitted to release it until the appendage is presented to him. Because the reissuance of a lost appendage, which may be received at the offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles (Misrad Harishui) only, may take some time, it is best to arrange all paperwork as soon as possible and not leave it for the last minute as this would most certainly result in delay of vehicle delivery.
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