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Reimbursement of expenses associated with installation of a Hand Control mechanisms, by the National Insurance Institute of Israel (Bituah Leumi)
Until 2008, the National Insurance Institute of Israel reimbursed drivers which had purchased a new car with approximately 95% of the costs of the Hand Control and any other associated accessories such as: foldable accelerator guards, hand control mounted horn and turn signal switches, and the electronic systems required for their proper functioning.
As of 2009, the National Insurance Institute certifies such reimbursements only for items that are explicitly listed in the driver´s license. In other words, if the driver´s license specifies a "Full Hand Control”, but fails to make separate mention of the steering knob, the National Insurance Institute will not reimburse the handicapped driver for the knob even though it is practically impossible, and forbidden, to drive using a hand control mechanism without such a knob, and all this, despite the fact that the error itself was made by the Department of Motor Vehicles (Misrad Harishui) and not by the handicapped individual. This approach also applies to other accessories such as hand control mounted horn and turn signal switches and foldable accelerator guards.
Because any person purchasing a new vehicle after 2009 is only reimbursed for items that are specified within the driver´s license, whenever a handicapped person requires an item that has been wrongfully omitted from their license, he should first contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Medical Institute for Road Safety in order to receive a revised driving license and this should be done as soon as possible, before the new car is purchased.
Even if this procedure is a burden, proper arrangement of paperwork will resolve the problem once and for all and for this reason it should be performed as early as possible and not left until the last moment. The fact that this procedure may take several weeks or even months to complete must be taken into consideration.
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