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A new procedure set forth by the Department of Motor Vehicles deals with the removal of driving mechanisms and the deletion of special registration notes from a vehicle´s license before it is sold
All driving aids installed in vehicles of disabled drivers must be listed within the vehicle license (in addition to the Special Note entered in the driver´s own driver´s license). Before such a vehicle is sold, the owner must first contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and remove the Special Note from the vehicle license.
At the beginning of 2010 the Department of Motor Vehicles set forth a new procedure according to which the only people certified to remove driving aids from vehicles are those that are already licensed to install them. Prior to this new directive, any person or ordinary garage was permitted to remove such mechanisms on their own, and afterwards the owner was required to present the vehicle for inspection at Post No. 1 of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Holon, Haifa, Jerusalem or Beer Sheva, and an official Department inspector would inspect the car and approve deletion of the special note from the car license.
Nowadays, driving aids may only be removed by persons who are licensed to do so. The technician issues an official report certifying the mechanism was properly removed and the vehicle owner then submits this report to any one of the Department of Motor Vehicles offices located nationwide in order to complete the deletion procedure. Indeed, this new procedure does require drivers to bring their car to a certified company, however, once the mechanism is removed, the driver is able to complete the deletion procedure and acquire a new vehicle license at any service counter of any Department of Motor Vehicles office. The vehicle is no longer inspected and in fact, the driver doesn’t even need to bring it with him to the Department office.
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