Laboratory Information System Project
Large-scale pharmaceutical project implementing LabWare.

Business Intelligence Project
A project for creating a BI environment to support Priority ERP

Intelligent Traffic Analysis
Creating an intelligent platform for analyzing traffic loads, combining five technologies

Software management Lifecycle Project
The project was led by Dr. Adi Perry in a large financial institution.

Business Intelligence - Diver

DIVER: The best business intelligence system in the world

Deployment OptionsKDE Group is focused on a number of centers of excellence and knowledge. One of them is the center of business analytics - delivering business intelligence (BI), retrieval of information for data mining purposes (ETL) while keeping the quality and integrity of the data. The group also deals with identification, mapping, documentation and modernization of business processes from existing software for which there is no documentation.

Another field of expertise is monitoring business processes from the computing resources infrastructure:

Deployment Options:

BI system integrated with ETL system - Business Intelligence: The Diver Solution. Retrieval for business intelligence and data mining: The Integrator, Dimensional Insight Inc. Boston, MA, USA.

ETL system for data mining - information retrieval for data mining including data quality and integrity: Talend Solutions of TALEND, USA. The system is based on Talend Studio which is an open source system.

System Identification, mapping, documentation and modernization – Identification and visualization of business processes from software for which there is no information and documentation: X-Analysis of Databorough, Canada.

Business processes performance monitoring system - monitoring and control of business processes and monitoring the security of the internal information flow in the organization using the computing resources infrastructure: Visual Control and Security Control of Tango/04, Spain.

Proactive 4 System for BPM tasks – can be deployed quickly and easily, while maintaining a reasonable price range, and helps achieve efficiency and improvement in the management and organization of business processes, leading to improved performance. The KDE implementation team brings extensive knowledge and experience in working with a variety of organizational information systems (BPM, SCM, ERP).

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