Laboratory Information System Project
Large-scale pharmaceutical project implementing LabWare.

Business Intelligence Project
A project for creating a BI environment to support Priority ERP

Intelligent Traffic Analysis
Creating an intelligent platform for analyzing traffic loads, combining five technologies

Software management Lifecycle Project
The project was led by Dr. Adi Perry in a large financial institution.

Proactive4 - Online BPM

Proactive 4 is a web-based BPM software suite that enables organizations to:

-Transform existing ways of working into automated human centric processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

-Enable data synchronization in automated multi data systems centric processes.

-Establish a better management control over operational tasks and events.

-Engaging a proactive alerts and flags to keep trace of running critical processes.

-Offer workflows within departments or to external business entities, across functional boundaries for better results.

-Record keeping and audit trails are reliable and efficient for compliance.

-Intuitive environment which ensures that non-technical and technical users can transform process designs quickly and easily into automated process applications meeting specific requirements. Process components (forms, tasks, messages, system integration, and flow connections) are clearly laid out, easily completed and assembled.

The expected benefits of using the Proactive 4 solution are:

-Actively looking for deviations? Save your effort. With Proactive 4, deviations are brought to the manager´s attention and directed to the appropriate factor for handling, by a transparent and controlled work-flow.

-The manager is updated with every organizational process and result, thus eliminating the need for an active follow-up.

-Every step of the process is documented, promising no data loss and complete control.

-The data is automatically updated and linked to in the organizational system.

-All various factors that report the results of deviations handling are combined in a central fashion.

-The supplier/customer data is updated with quality performance data, making what was previously personal knowledge in the company into documented and accessible data.

-An additional data layer is created in the process of communicating with the organizational supply chain (forms and emails).

-Compute manual and organizational procedures into structured processes.

-Minimize response time, supplier/customer communication, typing and typing error.

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