Laboratory Information System Project
Large-scale pharmaceutical project implementing LabWare.

Business Intelligence Project
A project for creating a BI environment to support Priority ERP

Intelligent Traffic Analysis
Creating an intelligent platform for analyzing traffic loads, combining five technologies

Software management Lifecycle Project
The project was led by Dr. Adi Perry in a large financial institution.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Databases of different companies contain structured and unstructured information. This information is accessible and available at the best for the various programs that manage it. Systematic and effective use of information is possible only with Business Intelligence systems.

KDE Group represents Dimensional Insight, a U.S. based business intelligence firm that has been zealous for three decades on two principles:

· High-quality solutions for Business Intelligence only.

· Technological and business independence (A privately-owned company focusing on BI).

*KDE Group is a loyal and devoted partner that keeps a basic and fundamental principle: all business intelligence solutions the company develops for its customers rely on one leading product - DIVER - Dimensional Insight´s flagship product.

DIVER provides a comprehensive solution for all enterprise needs related to Business Intelligence: from the impressive and leading capabilities of ETL - Extract Transform Load - enables retrieval of any source of information (from all the basic databases and types of files including Excel , etc.); processing and storing it in a designated database that enables later fast and reliable extraction of information reporting capabilities which include a full range of technologies (client Servers, WEB portals, dashboards , tablets and smartphones) in any report style, graphs and designs.

*DIVER has thousands of customers worldwide, vibrant global user community and new versions that keep the product at the forefront of technology and a leading product in rating agencies´ surveys.

KDE Group markets DIVER solution through three main activities:

1. Presentations.

2. Proof of Concept for the BI application in 3-4 business days.

3. References of satisfied customers in Israel and abroad.

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