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Steering Knobs with Electronic Function Controls

When driving, drivers typically need the ability to control four electric functions by use of their hands:

Turn signals




Windscreen wipers


High/Low Beam light switch

All other functions such as windows, radio and AC system switches may also be activated while the vehicle is standing or parked. However, the four functions mentioned above must be controlled while driving. Typically, the horn is activated by pushing a button located at the center of the steering wheel while the other functions are activated by way of levers that are located behind the wheel: the turn signals and high/low beam switch are usually located on the left while the windscreen wipers are on the right. As a rule, the Ministry of Transport requires all drivers using steering knobs to have full control of these 4 functions without letting go of the knob.
In light of this requirement, the Israel Medical Institute for Road Safety has set forth a new requirement calling for use of "Steering Knobs with Electronic Function Controls”.
SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. offers its customers an option between two such knobs:
Steering Knobs with a separate Functions Control Unit: These are standard knobs that include a separate Functions Control Unit that is also mounted on the steering wheel itself.
"Smart” Steering Knobs that include an Integrated Electronic Functions Control (RB Model):
In such knobs, all electrical function controls are integrated within the knob itself. A small Joystick located on the top of the knob activates the turn signals, horn and high/low beam light switch. Additional buttons located on the backside of the knob activate the windscreen wipers.


In both cases, actual activation of these functions is controlled by a remote control unit that connects between the steering wheel and the vehicle´s central computer. Because such functions are electronically controlled, and because the steering knob is not connected to the vehicle´s electrical system, a small Lithium Button Cell must be used. This cell has to be replaced once a year, or every two years, depending on usage.

Special Note:

MAZDA does not allow the connection of remote control units to the vehicle´s central computer. Any disabled drivers that require the use of Electronic Functions Steering Knobs should refrain from purchasing a Mazda vehicle.


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