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Pedal Crossovers

The "Pedal Crossover” is a relatively new technology that has been available in Israel for a short time only and offers a solution to disabled drivers that would have required trimming of the right foot accelerator in the past (which is no longer permitted in Israel), or for disabled drivers that simply require more legroom for their right foot.
"Pedal Crossovers” are only available for vehicles that use electronically operated accelerators, and are unsuitable for the older mechanical type (previously referred to as the ´gas cable´ type). Electronic accelerators have become extremely popular in recent years, however, conventional mechanical pedal models are still in production as well. In order to cross pedals, the original right foot accelerator must be completely removed and reinstalled on the left side of the brake pedal, provided there is ample space for such an assembly. For this reason, vehicle model must be inspected in advance in order to verify the specific model is compliant with the system.
After the original accelerator is reinstalled on the left side, an additional foldable accelerator that may be locked in raised position is installed on the right side. When this new accelerator is lifted and locked into place, the disabled driver has ample legroom for his right foot, right up to the front wall. When ordinary drivers drive the car, they simply lower the right foot pedal into place.

In order to avoid accidental engagement of the left foot accelerator by ordinary drivers, a foldable pedal guard is installed over it. When the disabled driver enters the driving position, he simply folds this guard backwards onto the floor.

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