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Trimming of the Original Accelerator Pedal

In extreme cases – especially when a driver´s injury forces his right leg to remain straight while driving, or in the case of exceptionally tall drivers, or those using a long prosthesis, left foot accelerators were previously installed without a guard for the original right foot pedal. Instead, the original right foot pedal was trimmed to create sufficient legroom for the straight right leg or the prosthesis. In order to enable ordinary drivers to drive the vehicle, the trimmed part of the pedal would be reconnected with a small screw. This arrangement was quite inconvenient, but it was the only solution available at the time.
As of 2008, Israeli law prohibits the trimming of the original right foot accelerator. This prohibition was placed as a result of Israeli Standards institute and the Ministry of Transportation objections which claimed that currently, the majority of new vehicles imported into the country are supplied with electronic accelerators. It is most probable that the authorities are in fact concerned that the trimming of electronic pedals may result in new problems, and that in this case, it would be impossible to determine who is responsible, the vehicle manufacturer or the technician who had trimmed the pedal.

Today, there is an alternate solution available for such cases, which is referred to as the "Pedal Crossovers”, however this solution is not yet available for all vehicle models and for this reason it is imperative prospective buyers first verify the vehicle model they are interested is compliant with such a solution. In the event the right pedal of a vehicle was trimmed in the past, we recommend prospective car buyers first contact our office before purchasing a new vehicle and we will try to provide the optimal solution for each case as required.

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