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Front Wall Mounted Guard

Left Foot Accelerator with a Front Wall Mounted Guard - An exclusive SHAHAR DRIVING SYSTEMS product

SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. has developed an innovative and exclusive model we call the "Left Foot Accelerator with a Front Wall Mounted Guard".
This guard is an integral part of the left foot pedal system and is mounted, along with the system, onto the front wall of the car using existing screws in such a manner that neither installation of the pedal or guard requires any drilling in the vehicle floor. Whenever the left foot pedal is lifted in order to enable unobstructed driving by a regular driver, the pedal guard also rises and locks into place along with the pedal in a raised position. As a result, there is nothing left on the vehicle floor, no obstruction for the feet or the floor mat, and as mentioned, no holes in the floor. When the left foot accelerator is lowered back into driving position, the guard is automatically lowered with it.

Both the design and production of the front wall mounted guard is a highly complex procedure and is not available for all vehicle types. We are currently working on expanding the number of models that support this product. Despite the extensive efforts invested in development, work and materials, the installation of a wall mounted guard is provided with no additional charge.
Toyota Corolla Mazda 6 Citroen C4 VW Jetta
Toyota Auris Audi A3 VW Passat VW Golf
Toyota Avensis Kia Sorento VW Scirocca Skoda Oktavia
Toyota Prius Honda Civic VW Tiguan Skoda Superb
Toyota Verso Hyundai I-20 Kia Sportage Skoda Yeti
  Hyundai IX-35 VW Touareg Skoda Superb
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