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Floor Mounted Guard

Front Wall Mounted Left Foot Accelerator with Floor Mounted Guard
At present, this is the most common type of left foot accelerator in use. The pedal is installed on the front wall of the vehicle. SHAHAR Driving Systems pedal mechanisms are typically connected using the vehicle´s original screws and as such do not require drilling in the vehicle floor. This is a mechanical system that enables drivers to activate the vehicle´s original accelerator using their left foot. Whenever an ordinary driver enters the driving position, he is able to fold the left foot pedal upwards and lock it into position underneath the dashboard. In this state, ordinary drivers are able to drive the vehicle using the original right foot accelerator without interference.
The front wall mounted left foot accelerator is very comfortable to use and in fact functions exactly like the original accelerator. SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. has developed a unique pedal that allows maximum customization and adjustment in accordance with specific driver requirements. Unlike our competitors, our left foot pedal system includes several components that are assembled in a modular "Lego” design which enables maximum compatibility with vehicle itself, and enables, in the shortest time, by simple release and tightening of a single screw or by replacement of one component with another, full customization to specific driver requirements. All pedal customizations, whenever required, are performed as an integral part of the service we provide without additional charge.
The left foot accelerator system is provided with a safety guard for the original right foot accelerator. This guard prevents accidental engagement of the right foot accelerator by the disabled driver´s right foot.

At present, the most common type used in Israel is a floor mounted guard that is screwed onto the vehicle floor. Whenever an ordinary driver enters the driving position, the guard is laid down on the floor.

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