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Turn Signals, Horn and Functions

Hand Control with Turn Signals and Horn, and Hand Control with Functions

Recently, more and more drivers using a full hand control system have been required to use a "Full Hand Control with Turn Signals and Horn" or a "Full Hand Control with Functions" by the Israeli Medical Institute for Road Safety.

In both cases the system is similar because today nearly all vehicle electrical systems are computerized. In order to activate such functions there is need for integration of a small "Digital Functions Computer” system that communicates with the vehicle´s main computer system and provides control of the various electrical functions from a small control unit that is included as part of the hand control lever, and enables their activation without need of removing the hand from the lever.

Based on specific license requirements, such added functionality may include any of the following:

Control of:                     Turn signals and horn

Control of 4 functions:   Turn signals, horn, high/low
                                      beam switch, windscreen wipers
The need to develop a separate "function computers” for each car model in separate, turns the system into one that is extremely expensive, however, if the requirement is listed within the driving license, the driver has no option but to have one installed. National Insurance Institute of Israel (Bituah Leumi) reimburses approximately 95% of this cost to the driver while the Ministry of Defense assumes all costs.
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