H o r a t i u   R A D U L E S C U  

was born on the 7th of January 1942 in Bucharest, Romania

He has been living  in Paris since ’69 where he became a French citizen in ’74.

• He first studied violin with Nina Alexandrescu, a disciple of George Enescu and Jacques Thibaud.

• 1969 MA in Composition, “premier nommé”, at the High School of Music in Bucharest; professors :

Tiberiu Olah (composition), Stefan Niculescu (analysis), Aurel Stroe (orchestration, formalized music).

• From ’70 to’72  he participated in courses for new music in Cologne ( Mauricio Kagel, Luc Ferrari)
and Darmstadt (John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti).

• From ’79 to’81 he visited  the Paris IRCAM for sessions in computer-assisted composition and psycho-acoustics.

•1988/89   composer in residence of the DAAD in Berlin.

• From ’89 to’90 he composed in San Francisco, Venice and Rome 
thanks to a French "Villa Medici" Fellowship.

• 1992 he was awarded the French "Sabbatical Year Grant” for composition.

•1968-69 he founded  the “spectral technique of composition” .

This comprises variable distribution of the spectral energy  - "spectrum pulse", synthesis of the global sound-sources,

micro- and  macro-form as sound-process, four simultaneous layers of perception and of speed, spectral scordaturae - ie  rows of unequal intervals corresponding to harmonic scales, for example: 

opus  10  credo   (’69) for nine violoncelli (55´) where 4170  timbre-processes  integrate  the first 45  spectral components of a C-fundamental - "
emanation of the immanence"   and  

opus  33   "infinite to be cannot be infinite /  infinite anti-be could be infinite" (’76 - ’87) for nine string quartets (49´) where 128 different spectral components inbetween the 36th and the 641st harmonic build the scordatura of an imaginary "viola da gamba" (the 128 strings of the 8 quartets around the audience), while the ninth quartet,in the centre of the space, is modulating inbetween 27 spectra : the strict tuning of each micro-music is a function of its own duration, achieving thus - for the first time - an absolute interdependence between pitch (spectrum tuning) and time (duration) - released Feb..2002 on CD Edition RZ 4002 Berlin/DAAD – Arditti String Quartet of London / Paris Ircam production.

see :  “SOUND PLASMA - MUSIC OF THE FUTURE SIGN” ’73 ,  Edition Modern - Munich ’75,  and   

“MUSIQUE  DE  MES  UNIVERS” ,  in Silences n°1, Editions de la Différence - Paris ’85

ENTER THE SOUND, in Musica Falsa n° 4, Paris ’98

and articles on the composer in Hugo Riemann Lexikon ’74,  Larousse de la Musique Paris ’82 -2001, Grand Larousse  Paris ’93 -, KDG Germany ’92-’98, Paris Petit Robert 2000, Grove 2001, 
Jean Noël von der Weid The Music of the XXth century Hachette

Brain and Sound Resonance: The World of Self-Generative Functions as a Basis of the Spectral Language of Music
in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 999 ISBN 1-57331-452-8, December 2003, pages 322-363. 

• 1983 he founded in Paris the soloists’ ensemble  EUROPEAN LUCERO  (honorary president  Iannis Xenakis) with the Arditti String Quartet, Pierre-Yves Artaud  and other internationally renowned performers. Concerts in Bonn, Turin, London, New -York, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Paris, Rome, La Rochelle, Lisbon, Berlin, Ghent, Cologne, Toulouse, Vilnius etc

• 1991 he established the LUCERO  Festival and Master Classes for new music in Paris; participating musicians include Roger Woodward, Gérard Caussé, Robert Aitken, François-Frédéric Guy, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Vladimir Mendelssohn, Vincent Royer, Catherine Marie Tunnell, Radu Blidar, Hannelott Weigelt-Pross, James Avery, Jean-Philippe Collard jr., Maurizio Barbetti, Dana Ciocarlie, Istvan Matuz, Jane Lehman Han, Diana Cazaban, Ortwin Stürmer, Patricia von Blumröder, Roger Heaton, Andrew Digby, Jean-Paul Dessy, Sylvia Nopper, Barrie Webb, Peter Veale, Paul Bevan, James Clapperton, Armand Angster, Françoise Kubler, Mircea Ardeleanu, James Wood, Maurizio Ben Omar, Olaf Tzschoppe, Rodrigue Milosi, Zhang Zhang, Christoph Maria Moosmann, Giorgio Trevisiol, Laura Chislett, Jean-Pierre Robert, Corrado Canonici, Ezio Bosso, Percussive Rotterdam, Lucero String Quartet of Cologne, Quadro String Quartet of Brussels, Lutetia Wind Quintet of Paris, Break Drum Ensemble of Treviso/Venice.

His over 100 works have been performed and broadcasted worldwide

for orchestra : TAAROA op.7 (20´),  în ko ´tro - MIORITIC SPACE  op.13b (13´), THIRTEEN DREAMS AGO op.26 (33´13"), INCANTESIMI  op.17 (variable, maximum 112´), LAMENTO DI GESU op.23 ( 23´ or  46´),  LUCE  r   op.40 (50´),   ANGOLO DIVINO  op. 87  (ca 35´), Piano Concerto THE QUEST op.90 (ca 49´)  CD  CPO 999 589-2 Germany 1998,

nine orchestras WILD  INCANTESIMO op.17ß (112´) and MIRABILIA MUNDI  op.70 (minimum 55´) for seven groups - 88 players  

special ensembles : CREDO op.10  for 9 violoncelli (ca 55´), CAPRICORN´S NOSTALGIC CRICKETS  op.16h (18´ - 72´)  seven identical woodwind, A DOINI  op.24 (ca 19´) 17 sound icons - bowed grand concert pianos,  OUTER TIME op.42 (56´)  23 flutes  or  42 Thai or Java gongs or  two grands pianos -  Imperial Bösendorfer, spectrally tuned or  eight brass   or  trio basso (viola, violoncello, double bass) or  digital sound, BYZANTINE PRAYER  op.74  40 flautistes with 72 flutes, CD  Musidisc 243792  Paris 1993, INNER TIME  op.42.2 (56´) for 7 clarinets, CD Auvidis Montaigne MO 78 20 30 Paris ’94,

large ensembles : INCANDESCENT SERENE op.35 (20´) 48 playerss: 12 bass flutes, 12 French horns in F, 12 violas, 12 double basses, IUBIRI op.43  (46´)  16 players,  AWAKENING  INFINITY op.53 (21´)   25 players,  

small ensembles : ECOU ATINS (“touched echo”) op.39 (37´)  7 players : flute (bass & grand), French horn in F , soprano voice - range of nearly 3 octaves: e - d’’’, violoncello, sound icons - 3 players with 2 - 3  vertical & bowed  concert-grand pianos(spectrally tuned) and 29 pre-recorded psalteries - concert score on 139 color slides projected on two large screens, SILENCE PULSE op.48 (ca 23´) 12 players live and pre-recorded struck pipes, UNDE INCOTRO op.55 (11´) 11 strings, WHERE BEYOND op.55b (11´)  alto flute in G and the same 11 strings, SENSUAL SKY op. 63 (21´) 9 players and two pre-recorded octobass flutes (P-Y Artaud), COLONNE D´ALBA  op.73 (ca 10´) 9  players, KHUFU’S SERPENT op.94 (18’) for 7 soloists or groups (18´ )

choirs : DORUIND op.27 (22´) 48 actual parts - 14. 10. 10. 14.,  DO EMERGE ULTIMATE  SILENCE  op.30 (28´) children choirs (68 up to 340 boys - range for all voices : two octaves - g to g’’,  34 actual parts with 34 bowed monochords (spectrally tuned), voice groups dispersed in and around the audience according to six concentric geometric figures,  «FOREFEELING» REMEMBRANCES op. 64 (13´) 16-18 voices (identical or mixed), VETRATA  op.83 (21´) -  choir, 24 actual parts -  and 3 sound icons (spectrally tuned - 3 players);

six  string quartets

five piano sonatas, and works for

• other solo instruments  : trombone or tuba, organ, viola, violoncello, violin, double bass, flute,

duos : YOU-TREE KALOTROPE op.57 (19´) tuba and double bass on background of 8 shakuhachi, ANIMAE MORTE CARENT op.85 (22´) oboe d’amore and spectral piano, AGNUS DEI op.84 (9´) two viole or two celli or two violins, TROMBE D’ORO DELLA SOLARITA  op.65 (17´) trombone (tuba) and sound icon, EXIL INTERIEUR op.98 (29´) sonata for cello and piano, END OF KRONOS op.102 (23´) soprano and trumpet - 11 Lieder on Giuseppe Ungaretti’s poems;

trio : AMOR MEDICABILIS NULLIS HERBIS op.95 (ca19´)  soprano voice, clarinet, violoncello


• In 1979, following the world première of  WILD INCANTESIMO  for nine orchestras at the Metz Festival78,  OLIVIER MESSIAEN   wrote:

“Horatiu Radulescu is one of the most original young musicians of our time. We know that in the  XXth century - more than in any other, Science and Art go hand in hand. This is particularly true for the music of Radulescu who has participated in the renewal of musical language.”    

review excerpts

...Jean-Noël von der Weid in Le Monde de La Musique,
Paris May ´85 in an interview with Xenakis, Nono, Radulescu, Ligeti, Kagel and other composers:

"Horatiu Radulescu, the greatest innovator of the music today."

... after the Radulescu Concert at the Darmstadt Summer Courses ‘84 ,  with musicians of the European Lucero performing IUBIRI, Harry Halbreich wrote in Le Monde de la Musique, Paris :

"This ‘Ode to Joy’ of our time opens the next century’s music"

... following the Radulescu Concert at the Almeida ’88 in London - with the Arditti String Quartet and the European Lucero ensemble conducted by the composer, Anne Rey wrote in Le Monde, Paris:

"Ritual of total jubilation, of an extreme energy" Liberation, Paris  April ’94 - whole page dedicated by Christian Leble to the composer
(´after the death of Cage and Scelsi, Radulescu is the actual pioneer, the most revolutionary and the greatest underground composer´):

"Between cosmos and humanity, the sonorities of Horatiu Radulescu have something much more universal"

Luca Sabbatini in Le Temps, Geneva, 7th Nov. ’98:  Horatiu Radulescu "The Quest" Concerto for piano and large orchestra op.90

  CPO 999 589,   CD   released October ´98 in Germany

"the listener is transported into a universe out of time, made of interrogation, mystery and contemplation - until reaching the light” Le Nouvel Observateur Paris, Dec. ’89, Jacques Drillon stated:

"They will change the world :

Horatiu Radulescu, Simon Rattle, Gerard Mortier, Brian Ferneyhough"

... following the Horatiu Radulescu Concert in Paris ´88 at the Centre Pompidou, with the 2e2m conducted by the composer himself, Anne Rey wrote in Le Monde:

"Radulescu works with the performers as does a great stage director with famous actors  -  he reveals them to themselves"

in Le Monde de la Musique, Paris Juin 2001
(pages 46-49)

Horatiu Radulescu

"La composition des nuages"

« the rich universe of the great master of the spectral music » 

interview by Nathalie Krafft


               ART  CURRICULUM   

      A great number of the 109 works composed by Horatiu Radulescu until today, have been commissioned and premiered at prestigious International Festivals on five continents such as :

Donaueschingen (2 works for large orchestra with the SWR / Lamento di Gesù Ernest Bour and Angolo Divino Zsolt Nagy),

Royan (14 oeuvres – several with the Orchestre National de France / Cristobal Halffter, the NDR Hamburg Choir / Helmut Franz, Doruind work for 48 solo voices, the Chambre Orchestra of the ORTF-Radio France / André Girard ; solistes and ensembles, often  conducted by the composer * and as Radulescu Portrait Concert **, etc)

Darmstadt (over 30 works – often * & **),

Saarbrücken 1979 */** Musik in XX.Jahrhundert World Premier of the first spectral score Credo for 9 violoncelli live, 55’(1969)

Berlin : Philharmonie – Arditti String Quartet : IVth Str.Q. op.33 ; Podewil - Clepsydra for 16 players with sound icons*/**, Museum for Historic Instruments - New Vienna Quartet : Vth Str.Q. ´before the universe was born´ and  The Vth Piano Sonata with Irina Emeliantseva (2006) settle your dust, this is the primal identity

La Roque d’Anthéron International Piano Festival France 1999 & 2000 
 3 Sonatas for Piano with Ortwin Stürmer

Frankfurt,  Radio Concert Live’96 :
 “The Quest” op. 90 Concerto for Piano and large orchestra - Frankfurt RSO conducted by Lothar Zagrosek, soloist Ortwin Stürmer,  idem on the CD CPO 999 589, Germany October 1998;
in Frankfurt, as well, several Portrait Concerts at the Staedel Museum with the European Lucero Ens.*/**

London (over 40 performances : Almeida Theatre with Arditti’s & the European Lucero Ens. */**, Purcell Room, Kings’ College, Great Hall**, ICA */**, St.Gilles’ Cripplegate Barbican*/** « In tune ? »  (James Wood’s microtonal music International Festival),
etc, with pianists Ian Pace, James Clapperton, Daniel Becker, clarinetist Roger Heaton, cellist Catherine Marie Tunnell, Percussive Rotterdam, etc

Bruxelles (Ars Musica Iubiri for large ensemble*, Bruzzle Festival with the Arditti´s IVthStr.Q.**,  Botanique ** Lucero String Quartet of Cologne Vth Str.Q. and various ensembles *etc), Ars Musica 2006 Agnus Dei Vincent Royer and Garth Knox, violas

Sydney International Spring Festival & ABC Radio - over 17 performances – with pianist  Roger Woodward, flautists Pierre-Yves Artaud and Laura Chislett, ABC String Orchestra David Pereira, the Goldner String Quartet : VIth Str.Q. ´practicing eternity´

Amsterdam Concertgebow 2005 Zephyr String Quartet  Vth Str.Q. ´before the universe was born´

Paris, IRCAM*, soloists of the Intercontemporain Ens.* commission of the Scaler Fondation Texas & of the IRCAM, Incandescent Serene  work for 12 virtual quartets each consisting of one contrabass flute - Pierre-Yves Artaud, one viola - Jean Sulem, one French horn - Jens MacManama and one double bass - Frédéric Stochl ;
Radio France, Orchestre Philmarmonique, various soloists such as  Roger Woodward, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Fernando Grillo, Roger Heaton, Marco di Pasquale, Barrie Webb, Jean-Paul Dessy, Radu Blidar, Patricia von Blumröder,  Rohan de Saram, Rodrigue Milosi, Robert Aitken, Catherine Marie Tunnell, Christoph Maria Moosmann, Zhang Zhang, Ortwin Stürmer, Giorgio Trevisiol, Maurizio Barbetti, Mircea Ardeleanu, Gérard Caussé, Vincent Royer, Andrew Digby, Olaf Tzschoppe, Sylvia Nopper, Nicholas Isherwood, Daniel Kientzy, Jean-Pierre Robert, Dana Ciocarlie, Diana Cazaban, Istvan Matuz, James Clapperton, Brenda Mitchell, Ian Pace, Jean-Philippe Collard-Nieven
the Ensembles Itinéraire, European Lucero, 2e2m, Brake Drum, Armand Angster Clarinet System,  Percussive Rotterdam, Arditti String Quartet, Lutetia Wind Quintet, Alternance, Erwartung, Beauvais Celli Octet, Cologne Lucero Quartet, Brussels Quadro  String Quartet*/** etc (over 80 performances),

Metz Festival – Wild Incantesimo for 9 orchestras – Final Concert 1978 / HR Evening*/**;
later also at Metz Festival, in 1988, Byzantine Prayer for Giacinto for 40 flautists with 72 flutes L´Orchestre Français de Flûtes / Pierre-Yves Artaud*

New York  EIF - duo Petra Junken & HR**

Strasbourg Musica Festival, several HR Concerts : Ultimo Credo - 9 violoncelli live*/**;
Inner Time II for 7 clarinettes live - “Armand Angster Clarinet System”**, and other premiers : VIth Str.Q. with the Arditti’s, and Do Emerge Ultimate Silence – 68 voices, Boys’ Choirs of Colmar and of Caen*

Lisbonne Gulbenkian Festival 82*/**, 84, 2001**                                      

Torino 1983-86 Antidogma Festival : several world  premieres : Unde Incotro for 11 strings - Orchestra d´archi di Torino cond. by HR, do emerge ultimate silence  for 68 children voices and 34 monochords / spectral scordatura, Sensual Sky - European Lucero Ens. cond. by the composer, etc

Orléans Festival  SMCO Everlasting Longings with the Chamber Orchestra of Radio France, cond. André Girard,
Outer Time with 23 flutes, PYArtaud Orchestra cond. by HR, Inner Time VI with Ex-Novo Ensemble of Venice cond. by HR

Rome Nuova Consonanza, Castell Sant’Angelo,
Villa Medici and other festivals,

Firenze Gamo 84 a doini - Antidogma Musica Ens. Torino,   and at The Estate Festival 2000 Lux Animae with cellist Catherine Marie Tunnell ,

Zurich Tage für Neue Musik – Outer Time four 42 Thaï Gongs with Mircea Ardeleanu, and Christe Eleison for Organ with Jeannine Lehmann

Dijon Why Note Festival 2003  Lux Animae II Vincent Royer viola

La Rochelle Festival*/** Gérard Caussé solo viola (Gaspare da Salò 1560) Das Andere op.49, also  Inner Time with Roger Heaton, solo clarinet,  and  Incandescent Serene with the European Lucero  cond. by HR

Chicago 2000 et 2003 with Vincent Royer solo viola: two world premiers Lux Animae II and Intimate Rituals IX

Venezia 2002 Das Andere cellist Catherine Marie Tunnell

Badenweiler   Duo Kim Kashkashian and Garth Knox, violas : Agnus Dei

Warsaw Autumn International Festival 2003
Khufu’s Serpent V for Ensemble of 22 players and electronic sound - Brussels Musiques Nouvelles & ArtZoyd, cond, by Jean-Paul Dessy

Brno 2003 Exposition New Music, several works for Solo Cello / including the world premiere of Pre-existing soul of Then –  the British cellist Catherine Marie Tunnell
and in 2005 Janacek Academy Concert: Duo
Catherine Marie Tunnell - Ian Pace Exil Intérieur Sonata for cello and piano

Vilnius Gajda Festival*/** European Lucero Ensemble   HR Portrait Concert :  Where Beyond, Das Andere, End of Kronos, Iubiri soloists: cellist Catherine Marie Tunnell, flautist Cécile Daroux, Olivier Theurillat, trumpet, etc

Beauvais Cello Festival */** Ultimo Credo 9 celli live and later also work for 8 celli live Pau Casals a San Marco di Venezia with the Beauvais Celli Octet and Jacques Bernaert

Cologne World Music Days ’87  Frenetico il longing di amare  European Lucero Ensemble      

Bonn Tage für Neue Musik’88 of the ISCM Fountains of my sky with 42 children and earlier in 1983 first concert of the European Lucero Ensemble with Ecou Atins

Bucharest New Music Week 1991-2006*/** 

Vancouver Western Front with Roger Heaton

Bern  Premiere of  Hierophany III - recitation in 42 different languages with 42 children*/**

Berlin, Europe Cultural Capital ´88*/**

• Dom zu Speyer*1986: two world premieres Mirabilia Mundi for 7 ensembles cond. HR, and Christe Eleison for organ

Paris, 2002 Young Soloists’ Festival at Auteuil
IInd Piano Sonata - Nicholas Angelich
IVth Piano Sonata - Frédéric Guy

Belfast, 2006 Sonorities Festival   Lux Animae II   with
Elisabeth Smalt - viola

Dübendorf / Zurich  Religio Musica Nova Festival Febr.9, 2005  –  cinerum Ash Wednesday Lithurgy opus 108   [91’] with the Hilliard Ensemble and the European Lucero Soloists conducted by the composer

as well as in
San Francisco, Dublin, Belfast Sonorities, Macerata, Jesi, Napoli, Taormina, Bologna, Alessandria, Gent*/**, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Hilversum, Vienna, Madrid, Budapest, Scopje, Priscina, Tirana, HongKong, BejGin, Canton, Tokio, Hiroshima, Sankt Petersburg, Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Glasgow, Quito, Seattle, Buffalo, Stuttgart*/**, Neuss, Heidelberg*, Freiburg*, Cologne, Moenchengladbach, Duesseldorf,  Hamburg, Tübingen, Bamberg, Ulm, Bremen, Frankfurt Staedel*/**, Grenoble*/**, Skoplje, Nancy, Toulouse*/**, Cannberra, Melbourne, Montreal, Lausanne 2002**, Locarno, Liestal, Boswil*, Cambrai Juventus,  Bruxelles Botanique*/** and Chapelle de Blondahl 2003, Brno 2004  Janacek Music Academy,  Autun Cathedral  2006


Writings on the Theory of Composition

•  Sound Plasma – Music of the Future Sign  (Paris 1969-1973), Edition Modern Munich 1975
••  Musique de Mes Univers   in Cahier Silence No 1, Editions de la Différence  Paris 1985
•••  Enter the Sound   in Musica Falsa, Paris 1993
••••  Brain and Sound Resonance: The World of Self-Generative Functions as a Basis of the Spectral Language of Music in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 999  
ISBN 1-57331-452-8, December 2003, pages 322-363. 

LUCERO music publishers
Lucero International  P.O.Box  269
CH 1820  Montreux 2       Switzerland



Horatiu Radulescu  Intimate Rituals  music for viola(s)
SR 248   Paris/Brussels Nov. 2006
Vincent Royer* & Gerard Caussé** violas, Petra Junken & Horatiu Radulescu*** sound icons
Das Andere*,  Agnus Dei*/**,  Lux Animae II *. Intimate Rituals XI */***

1. Horatiu Radulescu Lao tzu Sonatas  CPO 999 880-2 Febr.2004
Piano Sonatas 2, 3 and 4 with Ortwin Stürmer piano Bayerischer Rundfunk recording, "Choc"(Patrick Szersnovicz) Monde de la Musique, Paris June 2004

2. Das Andere op.49 Garth Knox ‘Spectral Viola’ zeitklang/March 2003

3. Khufu’s Serpent IV  Musiques Nouvelles Ensemble,
Horatiu Radulescu conductor, ArtZoyd Production,
       3 CDs ”Expériences de Vol” Anthology Sub Rosa 192 / Belgium Dec.2002

4. 4th String Quartet, op.33 for 9 string quartets
   “infinite to be cannot be infinite, infinite anti-be    could be infinite”        
Arditti, Paris IRCAM production, RZ Edition 4002 / DAAD, Berlin Feb.2002

´The Quest´ Piano Concerto  op.90
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Lothar Zagrosek / Ortwin Stürmer CPO 999 589-2 Germany 1998
            "Choc"(Marc Vignal) Monde de la Musique  &  R10  Paris 1999

6. being and non-being create each other op.82 second piano sonata, Ortwin Stürmer piano ARS MUSICI AM 1086-2 Freiburg 1993

7. like a well ... older than God op.92 fourth piano sonata
Ortwin Stürmer piano ARS MUSICI AM 1148 -2 Freiburg 1997

8. inner time II op.42.2 Armand Angster Clarinet System (7 clarinets live) Montaigne MO 782030  Paris 1994,  one of the KALVOS´ FAVORITES
9. Byzantine Prayer Requiem for Giacinto op.74
            for 40 flautists with 72 flutes

10. Frenetico il longing di amare bass voice, contra-bass flute, sound icon

11. Dizzy Divinity I  bass flute alone Pierre-Yves Artaud

12. Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets II            L´Orchestre Français de Flûtes, conductor HR

Musidisc 243 792 (Ex ADDA) Paris 1993
"Choc"(Patrick Szersnovicz) Monde de la Musique Paris 1993

13. Angolo Divino opus 87 large orchestra, commissioned by the SWR 

            SWR Symphony Orchestra, conductor Zsolt Nagy, DONAUESCHINGEN FESTIVAL ´94*
col legno / SONY WWE 3CD 31882 Munich 1995

14. Sensual Sky op. 62 - 9 players &

two pre-recorded octobass flutes (P-Y Artaud)

15. Iubiri (´Amours´) op. 43 - large ensemble Polychromy Ensemble, Nvart Andreassian
Musidisc 204482  Adès 750 Paris 1994


15. Clepsydra opus 47 (24´) 16 sound icon players, European Lucero Ensemble conducted by the composer

16. Astray opus 50 (21´) for two duos :

Daniel Kientzy saxophones &   Horatiu Radulescu sound icon
RZ 1007 LC 8864, Berlin 1990
"Choc"(Franck Mallet) Monde de la Musique, Paris 1990

17. Colonne d´alba opus 73
Opera Daedalus Ensemble Roma conducted by the composer     EdiPan PAN PRC S 20-64 Rome 1988

18. Small infinities´ togetherness  La Petite Compagnie

               Ensemble Munro/Lovano, HR conductor “L’Escargot”  Paris 1974



Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique - Lectures in the Olivier Messiaen’s Class 1972-73 and in the Poirier’s Analysis Class 1988 
Sienna Accademia Chigiana (Lectures in Composition & Concert) 1974
Turin Autumn Courses (Professor for Composition) 1983-84
Darmstadt Ferienkurse (Lectures in Composition & Concerts) 1972-1996

Paris Ircam  -  Lecture on special techniques for strings 1987
and lectures together with concerts: 1982 (commission of the Scaler Foundation Texas) , 1984 (with 23 Flutes’ Orchestra), 1985 (with Rohan de Saram - cello solo, and conducting the Alternance Ensemble), 1996 (with the Arditti String Quartet) 
Paris Sorbonne -  Several lectures in Composition 1989 - 99
Paris Lucero Master Classes 1991-2001 (Professor for Composition)
Paris VIII University - lectures on the spectral technique of composition 2000
Montreux International Lucero Academy Professor for Composition 2002-2005
Sighisoara 2003 MasterClass in Composition
London King’s College 2003 Spectralism and the Piano recent works
Brasov Transilvania University 2004 MasterClass in Composition
Brno Janacek Music Academy 2003 & 2004 MasterClass in Composition
Warsaw 2003 University MasterClass in Composition
Other lectures and workshops in Composition (sometimes together with concerts)
at  Colleges, Universities and Festivals in Freiburg i/Br, Cologne, Rotterdam, Salzburg - Mozarteum, London, Vienna, Metz, Toulouse, Florence, Münster, Den Haag, Heidelberg, Lille, Ghent, New York, Graz, Rome, Nice, Piteå, Munich, Lisbon, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zürich, La Rochelle, Bilthoven, Venice, Vilnius, Bucharest, Tübingen, Lausanne, Dartington College of Arts 2005

His Composition students include: Eric Tanguy - Kranichsteiner Prize and Villa Medici Prize for Composition,  Aldo Brizzi - Ph.D. on The spectral Music of Horatiu Radulescu at the University of Bologna 1990, and, since 2004, Christoph Herrzog  

 music publishers

P.O.BOX 269


0 Sonetto di Dante (Bucuresti 1960) bass voice and cello
1 Corali (Bucuresti 1966) fl., cl., cello
2 Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti (Bucuresti 1967) piano
3 Madrigal (Bucuresti 1967) children´s choir and chamber orchestra
4 Introito Ricercare Suonare Ist String Quartet (Bucuresti 1968)
5 Cradle to Abysses 1st Piano Sonata (Bucuresti 1968) ca 9’
6 Vies pour les Cieux Interrompus - IInd String Quartet (Bucuresti 1966/68)
7 Taaroa (Bucuresti 1969) for orchestra 20’
8 Trinity (Paris 1969/1970) global sound sources
9 Idea of together (Paris 1969/1970) global sound sources
10 Credo for 9 celli (Paris 1969) first spectral score, 55´
10b Ultimo Credo for 9 celli (Freiburg 1995) 55´
11 Flood for the Eternal´s Origins (Paris 1970) global sound sources
12 Non omnis moriar (Paris 1971) global sound sources
13a Everlasting Longings (Neuilly1971 / Paris 1972) 24 strings, 13’
13b in ko ´tro - Mioritic Space (Paris 1973) 11 recitors, string orchestra, electronic and nature sound
14 Cinevatreceumbra (Paris 1972) global sound sources
15 Small infinities´ togetherness (Paris 1972) global sound sources
16 Fountains of my sky (Paris 1973) 42 children orchestra
16h Capricorn´s nostalgic crickets (Grasse 1972  /
II.  Versailles1980) seven identical woodwinds

16r Hierophany (Paris 1973) recitation in 42 languages with 42 children
17b Wild Incantesimo (Versailles 1978) 9 orchestras - 162 players, 112´
18 doesn´t anything whereto? (Paris 1973) global sound sources
19 I H I 19 [‘ai hai nain ‘ti:n] Requiem pour l´Azur(1972)19 players: harpsichord, sound icon, string quartet,13 flutes,19 dancers, 19 recitors, 57´
19.4 I H I 19-IV [‘ai hai nain ‘ti:n ‘fo:] 3rd String Quartet, (Paris 1972) 57’
∞ (opus infinity) ´Paraconscious Einstimmende Algebra´ for Karheinz Stockhausen - Textkomposition with Gruppen and Stimmung,
ca 73 hours,  Parkmusic (Paris 1973)
20 Universe hour on our long longing bridges or “Uhoollb” for variable ensemble, "spiritualizing animals" and "animalizing spirits" –
may appear 7 times during the the performance of the previous opus oo (Paris/Frankfurt 1973)
21 twilight intricacy - hommage a C.G.Jung, (Paris 1973) 13 double basses and 97 coin spinners with 679 differently tuned gold and silver coins
22 acolo dincolo (Paris 1974) one composer with global sound sources
23 Lamento di Gesù (Paris/München 1973-75) large orchestra and 7 psalteries, 46´
24 A Doini (Paris/Sanary 1974) 17 players with sound icons - bowed vertical concert grand pianos spectrally retuned (spectral scordatura)
25 Aulnay Mass (Royan 1976) three bass voices
26 thirteeen dreams ago (Versailles 1978) 11x3 strings –11 live with two own pre-recordings (or 33 strings live) 34´
27 Doruind ((Tinos&Paris 1975/1976) 48 voices : 14S 10A 10 T 14 B in 7 groups, 22´
28 a cryptic crystal cuddles the somnambulent day - hommage à Samuel Beckett (Paris 1977) 11 amateurs ("crystal spiritism"),
one player and one composer- global sound sources
29 Crucible . . . "music testament 1974" ("techno" music with own music´ excerpts - on 16 channels) (Paris/München1974/75)
30 Do Emerge Ultimate Silence (Paris1974/Versailles 84) 34 actual parts / children voices or groups with 34 spectrally tuned monochords ca 28´
30b Do Emerge Ultimate Sound (Montreux1998...) idem, work in progress
31 Beethoven´s Quasars (1977) computer & tape music, Stadtmusik für Bonn -150´
32 Ethereal thro  for 1 pianist with 3 grand pianos (spectral tuning) - score on color slides - 77´ (NB in preparation, 1976 ....)
33 “infinite to be cannot be infinite, infinite anti-be could be infinite” - IVth String Quartet (Paris 1976- Versailles 1987) for 9 string quartets, ie 8 (spectral scordatura of 128 strings) around the audience and one in the center, 49´
34 Symbolic Illogic (Versailles 1977) 22 children orchestra
35 Incandescent Serene - 12 quartets, each consisting in a French horn in F, a viola, an octobass flute and a double bass (Versailles 1982),
Ircam production ´82
36 Vis nins (Snowbound dream)( Versailles 1978) 5 players: theorbo, bass flute, horn, double bassoon, double bass
37 Tramonti (Versailles 1978) variable ensemble with glass gongs, shakuhachi, alphorns, silver crotales and taped or live global sound sources
38 Aur pulsars (Versailles 1978) (to my father) for gold and silver crotales - 109´12"
39 Ecou Atins (Touched Echo) (Versailles 1979) bass & grand flute, horn in F, soprano, cello, sound icon with 3 players - spectral scordatura, and 29 psalteries 34´
40 Luce ro  for very large orchestra (NB in preparation, 1980 ....) ca 50´
41 These occult oceans (Versailles 1981) 5 up to 17 bass voices 19´
42 Outer Time (Versailles 1980…) for 23 flutes or 42 gongs (Sant Elm Mallorca’89) or trio basso (Venezia 1990)  ( or two spectrally retuned grand pianos (Darmstadt 1990/Montreux 2001) or 8 brass - 4 trumpets and  4 trombones (Darmstadt 1992), etc
42.2 Inner Time (Versailles/London 1983) solo clarinet, Ib for 4 (Darmstadt 1984), II. (Versailles 1991) for 7 clarinets, etc 56´
43 Iubiri (Amours) (Versailles 1980/1) 16 players 46´ & sound icons (if live, other 3 players)
44 Beyond´s Aura (Paris 1982) 4X-computer sound, gold and silver cimbalini
45 Sound thought (Versailles 1982) theorbo and sound icon
46 Abyssal falls for eternal shepherd (Versailles 1983) computer sound and tulnice (Romanian wooden trumpets)
47 Clepsydra (Paris 1983) 16 players with sound icons
48 Silence pulse (Versailles 1983) ensemble, struck pipes & global sound sources
49 Das Andere (Avoriaz/Versailles 1983) viola sola or cello solo or violin solo or double bass solo tuned in perfect fifths, 18´
50 Astray (Versailles 1983/84) two duos: each of one player with 6 saxes & of one player with a sound icon - score on color slides, ca 22´
51 Ormai gamma (Versailles 1983) small ensemble
52 Starriness (Paris 1983) 8 shakuhachi players
53 Awakening (Awakening infinity) (Versailles 1983) large ensemble of 25 players ca 21´
54 Absida (Versailles 1985) composer alone - solo violin & global sound sources
55 Unde Incotro (Versailles 1984) 11 strings - spectral scordatura : 3 3 2 2 1, ca 11´
55b Where Beyond (Versailles 1992) same 11 strings and alto flute, ca 11´
56 Frenetico il longing di amare (Paris 1984) bass voice, octobass flute, sound icon, 24´
57 You-tree kalotrope (Roma 1984) tuba and double bass, ca 18´
58 Subconscious wave (Versailles/Roma 1985) guitar and digital sound, 13´
59 Dizzy Divinity I [´di zi di ´vi ni ti ´ai] (Torino 1985) (bass, alto or grand) flute, 13´
60 Horizontis instans (Versailles 1985) ensemble & global sound sources, ca 30´
61 Spectral C (Versailles 1985) 7 instruments or groups, all live
62 Sensual Sky (Versailles/Torino1985) ensemble: fl in G, cl., alto sax, trombone, sound icon, violin, viola, cello, double bass, ca 21´
63 Intimate Rituals (Strasbourg 1985) 4 sound icons with or without other soloists
63b Intimate Rituals II. (1987) for 7 players ca 19´
64 “forefeeling” remembrances (Paris 1985) 18 (identical) voices, 13´
II. (2005)
65 trombe d´oro della solarità (Roma/Stuttgart 1985) solo trombone (with sound icons), 17´
66 Impulse (Stuttgart 1985) ensemble
67 Sereno (Frankfurt 1985) ensemble
68 A trece (Roma 1985) two celli
69 Christe Eleison (Speyer 1986) organ, ca 15’
70 Mirabilia Mundi - music for the Speyer Basilica (Speyer 1986) 7 large groups - up to 88 players
71 Hoesrspiel "The Quest" (Speyer 1986)
72 Hoerspiel "Hallu´s Pulse" (Paris/Speyer 1986)
73 Colonne d´alba (Paestum’86/Freiburg ‘88) ensemble
74 Byzantine Prayer (Versailles 1988) 40 flautists with 72 flutes, 20´
75 senso unico - beauty (Versailles 1991) ensemble 27´
76 Pre-Existing Soul of Then - cello alone (Versailles 1992 .../Montreux 2003)
77 Dr. Kai Hong´s Diamond Mountain (Stuttgart 1991) 61 spectral gongs and soloists
78 azzuro profondo dello sguardo for double bass (Versailles 1993.../Montreux 2002)
79 Faint Sun for 6 percussionists (Venezia 1993.../Montreux 2003.)
80 L´Immortalità or The story of Alexander the Great - music drama (NB in preparation, 1993....)
81 Late Universe for ensemble (NB in preparation, Paris 1993../2003)
82 being and non-being create each other 2nd Piano Sonata (Freiburg 1991), 12’
83 Vetrata (Freiburg 1991) 24 voices (6 6 6 6) and 3 sound icons, ca 21’
84 Agnus Dei (Versailles 1991) two viole or celli or violins ca 9´
85 Animae morte carent (Freiburg/Los Angeles/Sydney 1992/95) oboe d´amore and spectral piano, 22´
86 you will endure forever 3rd Piano Sonata (Paris1992/ Montreux 99) ca 27´
87 Angolo Divino   large orchestra (Sant Elm/Mallorca-Freiburg1993/94), 35´
88 Amen  organ (Versailles/Freiburg1993/94) 12´
89 before the universe was born Vth String Quartet (Freiburg 1990/95), 29´
90 The Quest - Piano Concerto (Freiburg 1996) 47´ up to 52 ´
91 practicing eternity (Freiburg 1992) VIth string quartet, 20´
92 like a well ... older then God (Freiburg 1993)  4th Piano Sonata, 15´
93 Aurora Borealis op.93 for solo percussionist (NB in preparation, Freiburg 1999....) ca 17’
94 Khufu´s serpent I, II, III, IV, V (Freiburg1995, Versailles 98, Montreux 99, 2001, 2003) ensemble 18´19”
95 Amor medicabilis nullis herbis (Lucerne 1996) soprano, clarinet and violoncello, 19´
96 immersed in the wonder - Toru Takemitsu in memoriam, (Versailles1996) bass flute (or trombone) and violoncello, ca 9´
97 lux animae (Darmstadt 1996) violoncello /
  viola (Paris 2000) 6´20"
98 Exil intérieur (Versailles/Düsseldorf 1997) Sonata for cello and piano in 4 movements, ca 29´
99 The origin (Montreux1998) one pecussionist with two bass drums, ca 6´
99p The origin III   (Montreux 1999) for piano ca 8´
100 Pablo Casals a San Marco di Venezia (Versailles 1998) 8 celli around the audience (preferably in a church) , ca 4´
101 Ulysses Concerto for cello and large orchestra (NB in preparation, Versailles 1999.../ ... (Montreux 2007), ca 34’
102 End of Kronos (Villars1999 ) 11 Lieder for soprano and trumpet (C & picc.high b flat) on poems by Giuseppe Ungaretti, ca 24´
103 Eterno (Montreux 2002) for 7 identical sources (spectral tuning) eg 7 “toace” Romanian monks’ wooden plates – one percussionist ca 22’
104 You-tree kalotrope II (Montreux 2003) for Crystal (Bachet), 11’
105 duende y luz (Montreux 2003) for Horn in F, 9´
106 settle your dust, this is the primal identity (Montreux 2003)  5th Piano Sonata, 16´ 
107 icons for ensemble
108 Cinerum  Ashwednesday Lithurgy  91´ (Montreux 2004) for Contra-tenor, 2 Tenors, Bass, and Ensemble : String Quartet with 2 Viole, 2 Trombones, Positive Organ, Theorbo, 1 Percussionist with 15 low Bronze Plates (C-d) and 30 high Crotales (c3-f5)
109 infini  for 27 female voices, Music for Autun Cathedral  2006

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