Laboratory Information System Project
Large-scale pharmaceutical project implementing LabWare.

Business Intelligence Project
A project for creating a BI environment to support Priority ERP

Intelligent Traffic Analysis
Creating an intelligent platform for analyzing traffic loads, combining five technologies

Software management Lifecycle Project
The project was led by Dr. Adi Perry in a large financial institution.

Project: Business Intelligence

A project for creating a BI environment to support Priority´s ERP  was implemented over the past year at a leading client in the fashion business. The BI system was built over the years on top of the old organizational system the client had. In 2012 the client upgraded the organizational system to Priority ERP.

The customer has a complex corporate structure and every company within the corporation is divided into two divisions: one for retail and one for wholesale.

Over the past year models were built on top of the Priority system and their structure match the old models. So basically, the one single platform that was created enables multi-year data analysis on two different systems in a way that is transparent to the ERP system. The building process of the models included an emphasis on improving response times, expanding worlds of content and improving working methodologies.

All development was done by Priority expert team with experience of over 10 years, using DIVER solution of DIMENSIONAL INSIGHT.


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