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SAP RTOM in Retail – The project implements SAP Real Time Offer Management for the purpose of improving of website and mobile sale channels.
SAP RTOM in Banking - Value Plus is currently executing an innovative project in an Asian bank. In this project, the SAP RTOM engine will provide customized recommendations according to the bank´s current internet site use and location based personalization for mobile device usage
SAP GRC - Value Plus is in the midst of a SAP GRC system implementation at The Phoenix, one of the largest insurance companies in Israel.
SAP GRC - Value Plus is currently going live with two SAP GRC systems in two public companies.
SAP GIS - Value Plus´s experts have started to develop integration between SAP´s Real Estate system and the GIS ESRI system for a large governmental office.
Ministry of Finance (Israel) - Value Plus is currently implementing an automobile fleet management system for governmental automobile management. The solution is based on the SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) module.
Ministry of Construction & Housing (Israel) – the blueprint phase has ended and the development phase has begun in the implementation of the SAP RE (Real Estate) module.
SAP RE Project – Value plus starts a new SAP RE project of Managing Asset Life Cycle in Paz.


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