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Polystick - Excellent adhesives since 1961

Quality attracts success
Polystick is one of the most established and prominent glue manufacturers in the Middle East.

For nearly five decades, we have specialized in manufacturing and marketing adhesives and glues based on a range of chemical compositions, including Polychloropren solvent and water based adhesives, PU adhesives - solvent base and water dispersions, SBS adhesives, PVA glues, Hotmelts, Silicone and Acrylic sealants, PU lacquers and many more. We have gained rich expertise in many industries such as wood working, flooring, sealants, upholstery, metals, automotive and construction.

A key element in our long-term success as glue manufacturers has been the investment that we make in product research and business development. Thanks to our extensive global ties and know-how agreements with leading experts in the adhesives technology, we have been able to access and import the best quality and most effective raw materials. This has allowed us to deliver special and highly practical solutions to our clients.

We pride ourselves that Polystick products play an important part in people´s daily creative lives, whether this involves using a simple glue or a powerful bonding agent. Our range includes many advanced and special-purpose products formulated for specific applications.

Uncompromising standards
As leading glue manufacturers, Polystick meets all local and international standards. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification assures our customers that all Polystick will have a uniform quality and consistency. We apply rigorous quality control procedures throughout all production, packaging and marking stages to ensure that every product is fit for its designated purpose.
A reputation for performance
Since customer service is our top priority, we have the flexibility to adapt ourselves to every challenge posed in glue manufacturing. Our goal extends beyond the marketing of products towards providing highly skilled professional assistance for particular problems that you may encounter. You´ll find that Polystick responds rapidly to every inquiry and is prepared to go the extra distance in order to help adapt our product to your needs.
Staying close to customers
We include among our long-standing customers many of the leading enterprises in our region. Our exposure to challenges in highly varied applications has given us rich expertise with clients such as the defense industry, the automotive industry, elevator manufacturers, hospitals, printers, furniture factories and a range of high-tech companies. In addition, we work directly with traders and wholesalers in building materials, DIY stores, technical supplies, wood warehouses and carpet stores.
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