GIS - is a geographic information system that enables to manage location based data and present it on a map.
In recent years there is a growing trend of integrating between geographic information systems and other information systems that exist in the organization (such as ERP / CRM). The users receive the information when it is presented on a map and this enables to optimize the work interfaces.

The integration of the system is a significant addition to many SAP systems and enables, among other things, to gather and analyze information in an easy and friendly way and to graphically display maintenance events, customer analysis, critical data regarding assets, regional dimension cost analysis and more, in addition to the known advantages in the graphical administration of communication, electricity, air conditioning and plumbing infrastructures. Integration with BI capabilities enables decision makers to obtain new insights on the information that was gathered on the organizational systems.
In order to obtain the most from the integration between the systems it is necessary to become familiar with the abilities of SAP and GIS systems.
Value Plus has vast knowledge and experience that was accumulated through the implementation and integration of GIS systems in organizations in the business and security sectors.

 Examples of projects in the area of GIS:
 Security sectorblueprint and implementation of integration between GIS (ESRI) system and SAP ICM (CRM) system
 Public sector - integration between GIS system and SAP ECC RE (Real Estate)


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