ICM - SAP Investigative Case Management is an innovative SAP solution for the area of investigation management.
The solution enables to manage end to end investigation processes while providing insight in real time and full follow up post investigation. SAP ICM was developed in cooperation with leading investigation bodies to provide a comprehensive, integrative and advanced solution for law enforcement bodies and judiciary authorities.
The system includes built-in Best Practices that are customized to the administration of investigation processes such as: fraud investigations in banking and insurance companies, national insurance fraud investigations, police investigations and more. The system manages the entire life cycle of the investigation case starting from the initial reporting stage and up to the arrival in court.
Main Processes in SAP ICM:
Information and report management
Investigation case management
Tasks and activities management and control
Investigation data and tendencies analysis
Management of people, groups, org. and investigation objects
The solution includes a wide set of tools that support the user and the management of the investigation and the processes, between them: automatic alerts and automatic notifications, interface to GIS systems, workflow engine, integration with Outlook/Lotusnotes, search engine and more.
The advantages of the solution:
Flexibility – shelf product with flexibility for changes and customizations with no need for development.
Comprehensive solution – Best Practices for the management of the entire lifecycle of investigation case.
Updated- receipt of functional and technological updates from the research and development teams of SAP.
Friendly and advanced WEB based user interface.
Full support for Hebrew and other languages.
Based on a stable and advanced technological infrastructure.
Low TCO.
The implementation of the solution by ValuePlus:
The company´s consultants have extensive and unique practical experience in managing and implementing the system.
The company regularly invests in training and the acquisition of new knowledge in order to preserve professional leadership and provide customers the highest quality and most updated solutions.
Value Plus has a direct and strong relationship with the solution managers at SAP.

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