GRC - Governance Risk & Compliance
Organizations today are obliged to meet various regulations and risk management that derives from access authorizations, organizational, operational, financial and other processes. These risks expose the organizations to faults and frauds by system users and for this reason it is important that organizations act to prevent, control and handle the daily risks that they are faced with.
SAP GRC Access Control - Enables access authorizations risk management for organizational information systems in order to comply with regulations. The solution enables to "clear" existing conflicts (SoD) and excess authorizations and regularly prevent future risks through standard approval processes for the provision of authorizations. In addition, the component provides an efficient and comfortable platform for authorization management in the organization, both in relation to the process of submitting authorization requests (with Work-Flow for approvals) and in relation to role management and the provision of authorizations for special users (Fire Fighter).
SAP GRC Process Control - Enables to manage the internal control layout in the corporation whereby facilitating the fulfillment of corporate governance and SOX regulation requirements by managing the risks and control matrix, cataloguing organizational processes (the product arrives with a content package that is customized to major business processes), external structures for reporting purposes, automatic test scenarios and templates for documenting processes and controls.
SAP GRC Risk Management - Unifies all the components that comprise the GRC solution and provides one unified picture for the administration of the organization in everything related to the risks the organization may be exposed to. The tool enables planning, in-depth analysis and the execution of simulations of the risks. It also enable to quantify the influence of the risk on the organization┬┤s activity and its business results while deriving the data for the simulations and these analyses from other GRC components and the information system in the organization on a regular basis.
Value Plus:
Our experts at Value Plus have the knowledge and experience in the implementation of SAP GRC systems among a variety of customers from different sectors (including security, energy, chemicals and minerals, public).
The company┬┤s consultants are officially qualified by SAP on the most updated version of the system and will accompany through the process of managing and implementing the project in a professional and high quality manner.

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