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Full Hand Control – Left Hand

Full hand controls are installed for drivers that suffer from the following three conditions:
1. Disability in their lower extremities in such a manner     
    that does not allow proper operation of the vehicle´s
    standard accelerator and brake pedal in a convenient
    and safe manner.
2. Drivers who have been restricted by the Israel Medical
    Institute for Road Safety to drive vehicles equipped
    with such a mechanism
3. Drivers who have had this restriction recorded within
    their driver´s license.
In such cases, a parallel control system which enables disabled drivers to operate the accelerator and brake mechanisms using their left hand is installed. The original vehicle pedals remain unchanged and as such allow non-handicapped drivers to continue driving the vehicle without interference.
The use of hand controls leaves only one hand free for grip of the steering wheel, and for this reason installation of a steering knob is required. In addition, whenever there is risk of accidental engagement of the original accelerator by the right foot of the disabled driver, a foldable guard is installed in front of it. Because this guard is foldable, ordinary drivers are able to drive the vehicle using the original pedals without interference.
The hand control is a mechanical system that provides drivers with full control of both the accelerator and brake pedals using a single hand. Israeli standards demand that acceleration be performed by pulling the mechanism lever, while braking be performed by pushing the lever forward. This configuration does not allow simultaneous activation of both operations. The reason behind this design is to prevent accidental activation of the accelerator as a result of a forward thrust of the lever that may be caused by the forward plunge of a driver´s body during a possible traffic accident.
It goes without saying, hand control mechanisms must be functional, comfortable and aesthetic, but most importantly, they must be safe. Hand controls must be constructed and installed in such a manner that guarantees absolute and safe operation of the accelerator and brake pedals without room for error, failure or malfunction.
The main advantages offered by SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. Driving aids:
Quality and Reliability
Unprecedented reliability as a result of sophisticated design, exceptionally meticulous production and unparalleled quality of installation by the best professionals available in Israel.
Use of the very best raw materials and components, some of which are specifically manufactured for our company in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. For example: We use only European-produced screws that cost twice as much as their Southeast Asian counterparts.
Manufacturing of components using computerized CNC systems and extensive use of high-precision laser cutting technology.
Unique in Israel: All systems undergo strenuous laboratory testing using dedicated testing apparatus for simulation of long-term activity.
Ease of Use and Human Engineering

Maximum utilization of the space between the steering wheel, dashboard and door, ensures easy and smooth operation of the mechanism with minimum force.

Placement of the hand control´s central axis in such a manner that ensures minimum interference during entry and exit of the driver in and out of the vehicle and while seated in driving position.

Placement of the hand control´s central axis in such a manner that does not prevent readjustment of the steering wheel in all directions (up, down, in, out).

A wide range of hand grips for optimal driver comfort.

Quality design and structure that ensures a range of options for personal customization of the mechanism.

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