Sharon Betzalel
CO-CEO and founder of Value Plus.
Business Management BA and Master of Science in Information Technology graduate.
Served as automation officer at the intelligence corps, concentrated on the IT field and planning & control of R&D at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.
Served as senior ERP consultant & implementer and CRM solution manager at SAP Israel for 9 years.
Among other things, the role entailed responsibility for the acquisition and distribution of new knowledge to business partners and customers in Israel. Currently leads, as a senior consultant, the CRM activity in Value Plus and aids organizations in the selection of systems, the definition of solutions, processes and integration in the area of customer relations management.
Rafi Mazor
CO-CEO and founder of Value Plus.
Business Management BA graduate.
Served as senior ERP consultant and implementer and solution manager in the area of maintenance management, projects and assets in SAP Israel for 12 years.
In his last role in SAP Rafi Mazor lead the field of SME – small medium enterprise in Israel for two years.
Currently leads as a senior consultant for SAP solutions at Value Plus in different logistic areas and serves as project manager and professional integrator on complex SAP projects.

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