ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - is a system that is used to integrate and manage all the resources and business processes in the organization.

The system is built on a central data base and addresses all the processes that are necessary to the organization┬┤s activity including the execution of financial and logistic processes.
The system enables decision makers to receive reliable and updated information in real time whereby enabling effective organizational control and decision making that is based on precise data.
The ERP consultants at Value Plus are highly experienced in SAP ERP system implementation and consulting, experience that was accumulated on their work in organizations and companies in Israel and overseas. This knowledge enables us to provide creative, high quality solutions that fully provide for our customers organizational needs.
We believe that the technological experience in combination with the business knowledge we have accumulated in our work in the different sectors and organizations, are what enables us to provide the full and optimal solution for the organization┬┤s needs from the managerial level and up to the end user level.
We specialize in several areas:
Professional management and integration services on projects

The execution and management of projects in the area of service and maintenance SAP SM/PM

Real estate projects execution and management SAP RE
Blueprint and execution of upgrading projects for the new real estate system SAP RE-FX
Management and execution of projects in the area of SAP PS system
Blueprint and realization of integration with SAP CRM system
Blueprint of functional work desks and user interface upgrades
Knowledge and experience in the realization of integration with GIS systems

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