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Standard Steering Knob

We would first like to emphasize that despite their simplicity, steering knobs are an essential component for disabled drivers who require full control over their vehicle. Any fault in the knob may result in a road accident.

Steering knobs must be manufactured based on standards, must undergo proper inspection, and must be certified by both the Israeli Standards Institute and the Ministry of Transport.
Standard steering knobs are assembled onto the existing steering wheel in a permanent manner and are left in place even when ordinary drivers drive the vehicle.

SHAHAR Driving Systems Ltd. steering knobs are manufactured out of high quality stainless steel and are mounted onto the steering wheel using a special clamp that ensures complete stability. Both the design and construction of our knobs ensure comfortable and safe use for many years to come.
The exact position on which the steering knob is mounted on the wheel is determined according to the following:
The hand by which the disabled driver is expected to grip the knob

Limitations resulting from steering wheel design.

Specific customer requirements.


Steering knobs are typically mounted on the steering wheel using a common "clock” configuration method such that the position of the knob is defined according to the hour hand of the clock. For example, a knob mounted at "3 o´clock” indicates it is mounted on the right hand side of the wheel.
Because we must know the exact position required for the
steering knob in advance, it is imperative we open a purchase order as soon as the car is ordered, and not when the vehicle is ready and waiting for installation at the PDI.

Special Note concerning knob price:

Like other driving aids, steering knobs are typically installed at the importer´s PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection Site) before the vehicle undergoes "The Test” and is sent to the dealership from which it was purchased. For this reason, we are forced to send a mobile workshop to the PDI for the installation (most PDI´s are located in "Park Reem" near Gedera). The time and distance involved in travel, the time required for locating the correct car among hundreds of other cars, and the time required for vehicle registration and other paperwork, comprise the main portion of the steering knob´s price.


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